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Health Guarantee:

We (Dorie’s Mini Schnauzers) are committed to providing new puppy owners with a happy, healthy, well-rounded companion.  We strive to maintain the best vaccination protocol, excellent socialization practices, the cleanest living space, and the happiest environment possible. 

At the age of 6 weeks all puppies visit our veterinarian and are vaccinated against the following:  Parvovirus, Distemper, Adenovirus and Parainfluenza and are de-wormed.  Your new puppy is guaranteed against viral diseases up to 7 days beyond the date that the puppy is taken home.

Buyer will need to take the puppy to their own veterinarian within 10 days of purchase to be examined.  If the puppy is found to be ill by a licensed veterinarian and the Buyer wants to return the puppy to the Breeder (Dorie’s Mini Schnauzers) due to illness, a letter from the veterinarian is required.  Buyer shall assume any expenses associated with returning the puppy to the Breeder.  The Breeder will, at the Breeder’s discretion, refund ONLY the purchase price of the puppy.  The puppy must be returned within 30 days of purchase to the Breeder for the full refund.  At no time and under no circumstances will the Breeder be responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred by the Buyer. 

Your new puppy is warranted against FATAL GENETIC Defects only for 2 years from the date of purchase.  Should this puppy be determined to be suffering from a fatal defect deemed to be hereditary (within 2 years from the date of purchase), Dorie’s Mini Schnauzers will replace the puppy with one of the same value when one is available after notification and written verification by TWO independent veterinarians has been furnished to the Breeder or the full refund of purchase price along with the return of the puppy to the Breeder. 

The Breeder (Dorie’s Mini Schnauzers) can assume no responsibility for this puppy after leaving the premises for any medical expense, death, allergies, training difficulties, behavior issues, etc, though we are dedicated to the well-being of the puppy both before and after it goes to its new home. 

“I, the New Puppy Owner, hereby agree to the above Health Guarantee for my new puppy.  Furthermore, I will commit to providing the best possible care to my new puppy after it leaves the Breeder’s home.

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