Life's Abundance: 21 reasons for feeding it to your pet!  Here's why:

1. No corn, No wheat
2. Our foods contain lecithin which is a derivative of soy.  We do NOT use soy as a protein source.
3. Not sold in stores - delivered fresh generally within 6 weeks of being made - usually ground UPS shipping fee is $8.85 for multiple bags.  Save more on Automatic shipments to your door!
4. Made in small frequent batches
5. Formulated by a HOLISTIC Vet, Dr. Jane Bicks who devoted her life to nutrition (Pharmaceutical background) - she won 3 presidential award citations, has written 4 books, has been on numerous tv shows, and she opened the largest animal rescue shelter in America.
6. Made in the USA
7. No recalls
8. Company in business for over 12 years
9. Manufacturing facility is APHIS certified
10. No by-products
11. We HAVE probiotics   
12. We HAVE chelated minerals - which increases absorption
13. We HAVE antioxidants, natural enzymes, etc.
14. Farm raised Cat Fish - test for pcbs, mercury, arsenic, dioxins, lead, etc.
15. Nutrient Dense:  Feed less - poop less
16.  Food naturally keeps for 1 year - no artificial preservatives, or flavors, or colors
17. The Treats are made in a Human bakery
18. The Supplements are manufactured in a Human Pharmaceutical Plant
19.  30 day Money Back Guarantee on ALL our products!  
20.  Our Canned Food - The chicken and crab does have organic chicken!
21.  Obtain Wholesale pricing - when placed on Automatic shipment orders

Life's Abundance

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